We are an agri-food business based in central Calabria at the heart of the region’s farming and food traditions. We strive to reproduce and preserve the tastes and flavours of the Mediterranean by combining the best traditional southern Italian food has to offer with modern catering and product commercialization requirements.


We therefore only work with and preserve fresh and quality-controlled produce: we select only the best produce to guarantee our products are fresh, fragrant and of high quality.

See how our products are made

We can adapt our production line to meet your requirements in terms of both the type of produce preserved and our production methods.

Types of preserves

Two types of oil are used to preserve the produce: delicately flavoured sunflower oil and, staying closer to Mediterranean culinary traditions, strong and punchy tasting olive oil.

Types of packaging

We offer two types of packaging: sophisticated and elegant glass jars available in various sizes, ideal for retail; plastic tubs with clear heat-sealed lids available in a range of sizes from 200g to 3.2kg.

Personalised production

We can adapt our production line in terms of produce, production methods and types of preserves to meet the needs of retailers, supermarkets, food stalls, restaurants and so on.